Origin : United States

There are 5 types , we breed the Alternative type

Leavitt: Originated from English Bulldog – Bullmastiff- Am Pittbull and Am Bulldog

Hermes : English Bulldog – Bull Mastiff- Pitbull Terrier – Bordeauxdog

Victorian : Bullmastif Stafford -English Bulldog and Bordeauxdog

Renascence :  Am Bulldog – Hermes Bulldog- English Bulldog – Bullmastiff and the Bandogge

Alternatief : Athletic types with a lot of bone 100 % Bulldog with a strong character and a zest for work for his boss.


We have already started socialization, education is the job of the new owner . Keep in mind that this often requires a lot of energy, time and patience , a puppy has yet to learn everything and in the beginning he does not understand what is asked of him . Not every puppy is the same , one learns faster than the other , one is lazy the other rather stubborn, each has his own character , after all they are living creatures . We provide some information related to education and are happy to assist the owners if there are any questions , but don’t wait until it is too late . The Bulldog is not difficult to raise because they are accommodating and intelligent , but they ask a boss who is strong in his shoes . The Old English Bulldog is very sensitive for the mood of his owner and the intonation of the voice .

Educate him with a soft hand ,

Educate him with a soft hand , but always be CLEAR AND CONSQUENT . Always try to reward good behavior . The Bulldog is a strong breed , mentally and physically , therefore we recommend a puppy course/ basic course . A dog is a pack animal the family is his pack , so teach him his place in the family , let him know that you are the boss and he is the lowest in rank . You do this as example : You take allways the lead in eating as first, going out and entering as the first one. Never let your dog sit higher than yourself, because then he is the highest in rank .
A good education/ course is therefore not unimportant.


The character is convincing, courageous and alert , sometimes a little stubborn, he has a high will to please , very friendly ,protective to their family , a true child friend .However , never leave your child alone with your dog ,you never know what the child is going to do and how the dog responds. The Bulldog is usually quiet at home and active outside. Not every Bulldog needs a long walk or active games , most of them are lazy and it is enough to go for a little walk , others have more need to romp and lose their energy .

Keep their eye corners clean , nails and ears . Always check your dog for ticks after a walk .


NEVER leave your dog in the car by warm weather !!!

In warm weather , go for a walk in the morning when it is not too hot or in the evening when it has cooled down a bit . Never walk on too hot ash falls ( food pads can burn )

Avoid great efforts in the heat , if you suspect your dog is overheated , call the vet immediatly ,he will tell you what to do . NEVER put ice cold water on the dog !!!!!

If your dog is outside by warm weather , make sure he has a shady place to lay down and there is plenty of fresh ( not ice cold ) water present.

Do not leave the pup alone near a swimming pool or stream , their is a great risk for drowning .

Never leave the pup alone with a chew bone , there is a high risk for swallow and choke .

Don’t let him play alone with a tennis ball , he can tear it apart, and the pieces are razor sharp , or other toys that he can bite


The Old English Bulldog is healthier than the most other Bulldog breeds , but they also suffer of a lesser extent from a number of bulking disorders such as ED/HD , patella , entropion / ectropion, allergies , too narrow airpipe ,too long palate etc ….ED/HD is only 20% hereditary ,for this 20 % we take responsibility as a responsible breeder by testing our dogs on this before. After this tests we have a litter with them ,also with the stud dogs outside our kennel.All test results are present available at us . The remaining 80 % is due on living conditions and not to genetic defects .As an experienced breeder ,we know that testing alone is noth enough ,so good angulations and muscling are at least as important for choosing a good breeding partner .In short a dog with good conformation is more important than a dog with bad comformation .Although a dog is free on rx , it can be a carrier and a sire .A dog without angles will then pass it worse than a dog with angles . Furthemore ,nutrition is extremely important , so we insist that the new owners give the food that we recommend until the dog is 1 year old and follow our nutritionel advice . They recieve a bag of in the puppy package together with the feeding schedule .This lump prevents the pup from getting a growth spurt that is disastrous and can cause skeletel growth , witch in turn can lead to ED/HD . We also recommend that you keep the puppy on balanced weight and that you should NOT let him become too fat . The skeleton of a puppy only consist of cartilage and growth discs that are still far apart .It takes about 1 year for a Bulldog untill the cartilage is bony and the growth discs are closed , so it is not advisable to have your puppy until that age : to jump in and out the car / seat

* Walking stairs

* Run on slippery floors

* Run after balls

* Take long walks

* Too long and too long efforts

* Lift the puppy with front or back legs

* Walking in sand for too long

* Don’t feed him too fat

Always give high quality food and don’t let your dog overweight , this can save you a lot of misery and sky high veterinary costs. Make sure there is enough rest, a puppy does not know his limits and is often over his limits befor he lays down. You can put him in a bench to prevent this . The bench can also be used, to close him in when you have to leave. This way it is safe and you do not have to worry , it can also be useful for the night .A puppy is very fragile,the first year of his life , despite its robust appearance , so take good care of him in a responsible manner , you can not rechange this period . Our dogs all have been tested for patella and have been checked for entropion, ectropion.We also pay attention to nice open nostrils and dogs with allergies are excluded for breeding.

For us health comes first , then construction and also character . Color is just a bonus .