The Old English Bulldog is a medium sized dog of great strength , stable and athletic . He is well balanced and proportionate without exaggerated features .He has the appearance of a dog who can do his original job of bull biting ( English : Bullbaiting ) A too large dog would have been harmful to the bull – biting bulldog because he had to play it low to dodge the bull’s horns and bite the nose . An overweight dog would also have been disadvantageous, because the bull’s nose could tear and the dog could then be thrown away .



Our love for the Old English Bulldog started 5 years ago, when our first girl Marvellous Miss Skully Bully came to live with us, we were madly in love with this girl. Our kennel name was quickly chosen: Marvellous Bulls. Our dogs residate inside the house and we see them as our family members . We are very committed to breed healthy puppys , witch is why all our dogs have been health tested before we have a litter with them. We also breed by character, witch is also very important. We are a hobby breeder and our veterinarian’s are Leen and Steven S’ Heeren at Diest.

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Our pups

We occasionally have puppies for serious lovers of this breed. If we have a litter there is always someone present day and night with our puppies, they are also weighed twice a day, the first 3 weeks are not allowed to receive a visit due to the risk of infection and may leave the litter at 8 weeks (abroad 15 weeks).

Our puppies are sold with: :

  • Purchase agreement
  • Warranty certificate
  • Health declaration from our veterinarian
  • Pedigree

Our Males

Our males are available for stud service.